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Sugar, Sugar x

your #1 place to buy, sell & trade

Sugar, Sugar x : A Place to Buy, Sell & Trade
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Welcome to: Sugar, Sugar x || your #1 community for buying, selling & trading

killahcrash is the maintainer of this community.

Just a couple of guidelines to follow:

NO selling of illegal goods, as in drugs & pornography, and no selling of illegal services, such as sex. Otherwise you can sell ANYTHING here. However, I allow burnt cds/dvds but this can only be done through trading and nothing else.

Do NOT disrespect each other. Any inappropriate posts will be deleted.

Please put 3++ pictures behind a lj-cut. It's just more user-friendly for people using dialup or people with slow computers.

I am not responsible for anyone's deals but my own.

If anyone scammed you, please report their username to me and I will ban them immediately from this community. We don't want any scammers/frauds here. Please send me an email HERE

X-Posting is allowed. You can post as many times as you want! :)

I reserve the right to add, subtract, and modify any rules at any time.

Otherwise, have a super damn fantastic day and happy selling/trading/buying!!